Marty McGowan

Table of Contents

1 himself

Marty McGowan III

2 about my family

3 decidedly software

4 socially speaking

5 other tech stuff

6 dear departed family

  • Sean, Mom & Dad's "#5 Son", who died on 1/22/2007
  • Dad, who died on 8/13/2009
  • Mom, having died on 12/31/14, we interred in Appleton MN on 9/21/2105

7 historical bread crumbs

8 todo

  • Marty's Other Notepad – a handful of valuable links: this one I'll use as a starting point to put the links here.

These have expired. though I've copied the content on my machine, since tiddlyspace has folded it's shared tent in 2017:

  • Software Review
  • Shell functions – a Web Log

this "dead air" motivates my recovering these pieces

9 references


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